Furniture designs

In total Rietveld designed more than 350 pieces of furniture. For his houses and buildings he also designed many kinds of cabinets, such as closets, wall cabinets, kitchen cabinets, bookcases etc.

Yet only a few designs are widely known. The red-blue chair, on the other hand, became an icon over time, the leading three-dimensional object of De Stijl movement and Modernism.

A few examples of his furniture designs are given below and further reference is made to the extensive literature on this subject.

More about Rietveld’s vision

In 1925 Gerrit Rietveld handed over the furniture making business to his longtime employee Gerard van de Groenekan, who continued to make furniture based on Rietveld designs throughout his life. At that time Rietveld himself settled in Utrecht as an architect; however, he continued to design furniture all his life, which he considered to be beautiful exercises for spatial design that he often applied again in his architecture.

Early on, Rietveld had specific ideas about the essence of his designs and where they should lead: spatial experience, prefabrication for greater availability and soberness for optimising the use of space. In doing so, he increasingly made use of new techniques and materials.


Chairs with Matching Tables

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